About the nine leagues

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Nine  League capital development course


2012 The establishment of nine ASEAN Qatar electricity supplier

2014 establishing investment consulting company

2015 to enter the field of agricultural science and teachnology ,the establishment of science and technology companies ,hotel management clothing company,Brand Company.

2016 .9 group general statement settled in Shanghai

The 2016.10 HongKong international Edition listing bell.

2017.4 holding two listed companies

2017.11-12 NASDAQ Trading

Strategic Alliance

Strategic alliance nine league capital combines the domestic Internet and capital operation camp

elite to build the nine alliance capital platform,and established a strategic cooperation alliance with domestic financial big coffee and investment company.

Dongguan is home door temperature Limited

Zhongshan Guangdong view trench Hotel

Suzhou wisdom intelligent limited company

Hongkong star butterfly CO,Ltd

Beijing randeng television media Co.Ltd

Venture capital management (Shenzhen)Co.Ltd

Hongkong global equity trading center

Shenzhen Kai Ci Fund Management Co,Ltd

Zhejiang green spring agricultural science and Technology Co.Ltd