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Nine Alliance science Technology

Nine Alliance science Technology is investment consultation.

Intemet materials teachnology. 
Entity item shipped into

 ji principal a Bian diversified group ofcompanies.

Nine au materials technology at the core of competition force for the member compound Ren pinsystem ,through 0202c offline capital docking,business model, a member of consumption more enterprise wealth currency market value is high,the more profits on a match perfect closed-loop elimination, let all body eyelid parking fee monk value between menbers by dirty bifurcation,huge haze.

Unita is dedicated to helping Chinese brands with special brand dreams to help more Chinese smes make their dreams come true.To truly realize the national policy of science and teachnology.

Innovation and the sharing of entrepreneurship and sharing economy,In order to realize the great Chinese dream that the master has proposed !

Business philosophy

  • The capitals largest
  • Cash is King


Management principle

  • The law for the cases of
  • The good faith for of
  • Create value for customers
  • Make employees successful
  • Let our partners win
  • Create wealth for society


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